I would like to introduce myself so that you know who you are buying from.


My name is Annick and I live in Boechout (near Antwerp) with my daughter.


When I was pregnant myself, I thought it was quite expensive and not exactly sustainable to buy a new wardrobe that I would only wear for a short amount of time. But, I still wanted nice clothes to accentuate that beautiful round belly. So I started looking for second-hand maternity clothes.


I did find nice things on second-hand websites, but if I had to pay shipping costs every time, it became expensive again. Until I saw that packages were also offered, so I bought a package from someone with about the same size and taste. So only 1 shipping costs and no emissions from unnecessary transports. Win Win, I thought!


The package contained clothes that I liked, that fit me and looked good on me, but also clothes that I didn't like or just didn't fit me. Unfortunately! It was mainly winter clothing, so I had to look for summer clothing again when it got warmer.


So I thought; why not a website with affordable second-hand maternity clothes where you can instantly find everything?


After my maternity leave I started working again as a freelance photographer for a large Belgian fashion brand where I had been working for years. A great job with nice colleagues! Unfortunately, a few months later, the corona lockdown came. The fashion sector was hit hard and my assignment was cancelled…


After this blow and a period of 'Oh no, now what?!', I wanted to seize the moment to make a virtue of a necessity and work out my idea.


The website went online at the beginning of 2021! After months of struggling between taking pictures, changing diapers, setting up a website, putting the baby down for naps, administration, feeding the baby, and so on, I did it! The website went online and I'm so proud of it!


I firmly believe that this website can help moms-to-be find the clothes they need without spending a lot of money. And so, at the same time, giving clothes a second life without unnecessary transport, so that we can leave a cleaner planet for our little ones. Win Win Win!


Do you want to ask me something or can I help you with something, don't hesitate to contact me!




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